• Admissions are open from Nursery Onwards for Academic session 2024-2025
  • Minimum age for admission to class Playgroup is 3 years, class Nursery is 4 years, class KG is 5 years, class 1 is 6 years, class 2 is 7 years, class 3 is 8 years, class 4 is 9 years, class 5 is 10 years, class 6 is 11 years, class 6 is 11 years, class 7 is 12 years,class 8 is 13 years, class 9 is 14 years, class 10 is 15 years, class 11 is 16 years at the beginning of the session (as on 31st March).
  • The School would inform parents about the interaction process in due course of time.

Transfer Certificates

Students who are under transfer from schools (including outside U.P.) must have their Transfer Certificates countersigned by the Inspector of Schools of the state concerned.


For admission to Playgroup, Nursery, KG and Level 1, parents are required to submit:

  • A photocopy of the date of birth certificate of their wards issued by a competent authority at the time of admission
  • Five passport size photographs of the ward and five each of the parents
  • Admission form
  • Aadhaar card of the ward & Parents

For admission to other classes a Transfer certificate from the head of the school where the student is presently studying, will have to be produced at the time of admission. The Original copy of the Birth Certificate must be produced for verification when required. Application for admission should be given in the appropriate form. Children, along with their parents, will be interviewed, if necessary, by the Principal.

Admission Fee

Prospectus and Registration form can be obtained from the school office by paying the registration fee and the completed Registration form need to be deposited in the School office within a specific time. The said registration fee shall be non-refundable.


  • The academic year begins from April.
  • Summer Holidays are from the third week of May to the last week of June.
  • Winter Holidays of one week are observed in the last week of December.
  • Other holidays during the year are notified in the school diary.
  • School has adopted SMS Gateway for direct communication with Parent / Guardian.

Change of Prospectus

  • The instructions given in this prospectus supersede all other regulations reproduced elsewhere or printed in earlier issues. The prospectus is liable to change without notice. Any such changes, when made, will be binding on all existing students also.
  • The instructions for the same would be given to the child and parents at the time of admission finalisation.

Role of Parents

  • Parents are expected to cooperate with the school authorities in maintaining punctuality, regularity and discipline.
  • Parents should ensure that their wards take an active interest in the school activities.

The medium of instruction is ENGLISH and the school provides education to both boys and girls within a span of 14 years divided as under:

Nursery, Class LKG and UKG:Primary School
Class I to V:Junior School
Class VI to VIII:Middle School
Class IX to XII:Senior School

The subjects taught at the school shall be:

  • English, Hindi, Social Studies, Mathematics, General Science, Moral Science
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Economics, Commerce & Accounts, EVS, Sanskrit
  • Bio-technology, Computer Science, Political Science
  • Physical Education, Athletics, Gymnastics, Boxing
  • Art, Music (Western & Classical) & Dance
  • Yoga, meditation and languages such as Sanskrit are an integral part of the school curriculum.
  • The students will also be exposed to innovative pedagogy using e-learning, videos, and other latest technologies.
  • The Parents should ensure that fee of his/her ward is deposited in time.
  • Fee Will be accepted only through Cashless Channels in favour of “Seth M. R. Jaipuria School Vatsalya Campus.
    • Till 10th of the Fee Due Month through Cashless mode & E-pay only.
    • Fee Cheque can be dropped in the drop box along with duly filled fee deposit slip at the SCHOOL PREMISES during working hours of working days, till 7th of the due month.
    • With Late FEE at the school counter: Fee with late fine and other applicable dues as described in fee receipt book and/or student’s dairy will be accepted at the school counter on Monday & Tuesday each month , between 9AM to 11AM.
  • Please fill in all the information in the Fee Receipt Slip. On the back of the slip please fill up Cheque Number, Date, Your Bank Name & Branch. Please fill the Name, Class and Admission Number of student(s) and your contact number on the back of the Cheque too.
  • Please use MICR Cheque or Demand Drafts only. Out station Cheque will not be accepted . If fee is deposited by Non MICR or out station Cheque, it may result in non deposit of fee, which will cause inconvenience to parents and imposition of fine. Cheques should be CTS only.
  • In case of holidays on due date of fee collection, the fee will be accepted on the next working day.
  • In case the fee is deposited through cheque, parents have to ensure that the cheque is issued by them towards the fee deposit, is cleared from their bank. In any case school will not be responsible for the loss of cheque in transit, return of cheque or late clearing of the cheque. Please ensure that there are adequate funds in your account to cover the cheque issued by you. Cheque not honoured for any reason can lead to serious re-percussion.

Fee Structure – New Admission 2023-24


Class/Grade Registration Fee Security Deposit (Refundable) Admission Fee Exam.Fee (Annual) Board Fee (One Time)
Nursery to UKG 500 2000 10000 0 0
I 500 2000 10000 1200 0
II 500 2000 10000 1200 0
III 500 2000 10000 1200 0
IV 500 2000 10000 1200 0
V 500 2000 10000 1200 0
VI 500 2000 10000 2000 0
VII 500 2000 10000 2000 0
VIII 500 2000 10000 2000 0
IX 500 2000 10000 2800 1500
X 500 2000 10000 2800 2500
XI 500 2000 10000 2800 1500
XII-Commerce 500 2000 10000 2800 2500
XII-Humanities 500 2000 10000 2800 2500
XII-Science 500 2000 10000 2800 3000

Transport Fee

School Transport Charges for session 23-24
Distance Slabs Annual Fee Monthly Remarks
Upto 5 Kms 13800 1150 Minimum Fee
5 to 10 Kms 18000 1500  
10 to 18 Kms 24000 2000  
18 to 25 Kms 30000 2500  
25 to 30 Kms 36000 3000  
Above 30 km     As per location & availability

Rules for availing Bus Facility

  • Bus charges are for the full academic session and to be paid in advance along with quarterly school fees. No rebate is allowed for the days/period for which the bus is not use/availed by the student during the academic session.
  • Bus fee will not refunded under any circumstances.
  • Bus facility can not be provided for short term. It is for full academic session.
  • Bus have pre-determined route and will pick-up the students from pre-determined place and drop them back at the same or nearby place which may not necessarily just in front of residence of student.
  • The school reserves the right to change the scheduled stop any time. Bus students expected to be ready at bus stop five minutes before the scheduled arrival of the Bus. Bus will not wait for student.
  • Bus maintenance shall be borne by the parents/guardian if any damage is caused to the Bus by the student.
  • The school reserves the right to withdraw the allotted Bus facility at any time for non-compliance of these Bus rules. No claim for refund of bus fee will be entertained for unveiled period.
  • Bus facility can not be claimed as a matter of right.
  • Bus or any other mode of transport not necessarily owned by school. It may be outsourced also.
  • Bus facility does not mean Bus only. It can be other type of vehicles i.e. Tata Mazic, Car, VAN etc. also.
  • The above rules are subject to change at any point of time as per requirement.

Hostel Fees

Class Regn.Fee-One Time Secruity Deposit-One Time & Refundable Imprest Amt. Annual Fee of academic session      
3 to 5 0 10000 4000 120000      
6 to 8 0 10000 4000 130000      
9 to 12 0 10000 4000 140000      
Notes :              
1 Hostel fee is for full academic session and is non-refundable/adjustable in any other fee head.
2 Fee is required to be deposited in full at the time of admission or on quarterly basis as under :
A April to June By 7 April          
B July to Sep. By 7 July          
C Oct. to Dec. By 7 October          
D Jan. to March By 7 January          
3 Late Fee will be charged @ Rs.20 per day for delay in fee payment.    
4 Above mentioned fee is only of Hostel. School fee is to be paid separately.    
5 Books and Uniforms are to be purchased separately by students/parents.
6 Imprest Amount will be given to/utilized for petty expenses as may be required by student. 
7 Imprest Amount wil be utilized only after written request of Student/Parent/Local Guardian
8 Imprest amount of Rs.4,000 will always be maintained by parents    
6 School Fee and Hostel Fee are to be paid separately in concerned bank accounts.  
8 City Tours, Picnics  and visits to historical places etc. are excluded. It will be charged on case to case basis.
9 Other charges, if required, from time to time will be charged extra.    
10 Students are expected to wash their clothes themselves. However, if required and requested 
  washerman may be arranged on chargeable basis. It is subject to availability of washerman.  

Fee Structure – New Admission 2022-23


Fee Structure Nursery to UKG I - V VI VII-VIII IX-X XI-XII
Registration Fees(one time) 500 500 500 500 500 500
Security Deposit (Refundable) 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
Admission Fees(one time) 10000 10000 10000 10000 10000 10000
Composite Fee (Monthly) 2500 2700 2900 3100 3300 3500
Examination Fee (Annual) 0 1200 2000 2000 2800 2800


  • Registration Fee is to be paid at the time of obtaining Registration and Admission Forms
  • Security Deposit, Admission Fee and Composite Fees are to be paid at the admission time
  • Composite Fee is to be paid on quarterly basis as per following schedule
Apr'22 to Jun'22 10-04-2022
Jul'22 to Sep'22 10-07-2022
Oct'22 to Dec'22 10-10-2022
Jan'23 to Mar'23 10-01-2023

Transportation charges and Hostel charges can be obtained during visit of school campus